To calibrate to the cosmos is to establish relationships with the patterns and frequencies of consciousness as they present on the micro & macrocosms both within you and around you.

To become fluent in the language of astrology is one way to experience this energetic attunement.

Cosmic Calibration: Astrology for Your Self is a spiralic and intentional learning process, immersing you in the language of the the cosmos and utilizing your own personal, intuitive, and experiential relationships to universal archetypes as the place from which you establish your own unique and independent practice of astrology.

Astrology’s potential as a framework for accessing deeper levels of self knowing, acceptance, healing, and spiritual transformation is exponentially greater once its symbolism is internalized and the language can be translated for oneself, from their own perspective. This course will take your astrological-awareness from one that is reliant on professional astrologers, horoscopes, astrology apps, and "cookbook" delineations to one that is grounded in your own lived experience, intuition, astrology-fluency, and personal agency.

Participants can expect to feel supported entering at any level of prior astrological literacy, from true beginner onwards, and experience a revelatory deepening in understanding of self, consciousness, and the the language of astrology.

This course was originally designed with the astrological newbie in mind by an educator with a decade+ of teaching and curriculum building experience. Historically those who have joined at more intermediate levels have also appreciated the depth and clarity with which the material is offered. 

freshman level: self attunement
Attuning to Self via Astrology

This level focuses on deep exploration of your own natal chart. We build a solid foundation of astrological literacy, spiraling through the main building blocks of the language and applying them to your own chart, intuitive knowing, and lived experience. Completing this level will make you conversationally fluent in the language of astrology and deeply attuned to the frequencies of your own natal chart.

Attuning to the Cosmos via Self & the Experiential

In this level, we add depth, nuance, and agility to our translation of the moving parts of astrology. The foundations are applied to more advanced natal astrology interpretive techniques as well as basic timing techniques and basic relationship analysis. Completion of this level expands your foundational astro-literacy and opens doors to cosmic attunement in different areas of your life experience.

Throughout 24 weeks of coursework, you will be guided through the elements of astrology, cumulatively building your understanding one conceptual layer at a time and learning how to apply each component to your own natal chart and expression of self.

Signing onto the full course is the recommendation, as the two levels are a continuation of one spiralic process. However to honor various learning styles, inner authorities, and needs, course enrollment is available for the two levels separately as well.

Both the “Freshman” and “Sophomore” levels focus on the fundamentals of traditional western (hellenistic) natal astrology technique while welcoming influence from modern and eastern astrological schools of thought. Throughout the material, there are abundant opportunities for you to try on many different techniques, interpretations, and perspectives as you are guided in crafting your own approach and astrological awareness.

If you complete the freshmen level, you will have a novice, but meaningful grasp on basic chart interpretation especially as it pertains to your own natal chart, which will support the continued study of your own chart and transits as well as the application of these concepts to others' charts and to astrology as a whole. You will be conversationally fluent in astrology.

If you complete both the freshman and sophomore levels, you will be anchored in the language of natal astrology, having integrated the framework and able to recognize the patterns and frequencies of astrology all around you in your every day life via the unfolding of cycles (transits & timing techniques) and the witnessing of relationality (synastry). The end of this level is the beginning of living in alignment with the cosmos.

Please note - this course on its own does not prepare you to be a professional astrologer. This course is for those in the beginning stages of learning astrology and/or those with a foundational understanding that are looking for dedicated time, space, and resources for deepening their self-study and spiritual awareness through the language of astrology. 

Four cohorts of participants have studied astrology with kelsey since the first iteration of this offering. Here is what they have to say about their experience:

"Having studied with a myriad of different teachers over the last 20 years, when I found Kelsey all the pieces of the puzzles that had occupied different parts of my mind came together seamlessly. Whether you are a visual learner (Kelsey's graphics are clear and concise and get right to the point) or an audio learner (she then breaks down each point and teaches from different aspects to ensure you can hear it from all angles) the subject matter is broken down to the simplest form and then built back up to it's totality. Kelsey also takes questions and doesn't give one word answers but thoroughly answers questions which is invaluable as you are learning."

"Whether you are brand new to Astrology or have been studying for years, this course gives you the most solid foundation and then layers on in such a way that you can absorb the information without being overwhelmed by it. There is no doubt that you will finish the course and feel fluent in the language of astrology and confident in your knowledge."

"This course opened my eyes to the expansive world of astrology, as well as the inner workings of my self. In fact, it feels as though I have learned more about myself from this course than in 10 years of therapy! Kelsey's style of teaching allows for personal individual autonomy and has a no-pressure expectation in live-class participation. Meaning, we all could participate at our own pace, and if you didn't want to or had to miss a live session, there was no consequences/judgement passed. Her passion for astrology and teaching really shines through (even online) and made for a genuinely well thought-out course progression and engaging content. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone who is new to astrology or wants to dive deeper!"

"Kelsey is a holistic and detailed astrology mentor. The course materials, presentation and homeworks are purposeful and extensive. Highly recommended for complete beginners and intermediate astrology students. I appreciate that as a teacher, she is deeply devoted to her students finding and trusting their own wisdom and voice in understanding astrological archetypes."

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So how does this all go down?

Course material is prerecorded and available in it's entirety upon purchase.

The 11 units contained with the Freshman Astrology level include an abundance of video lectures, thorough visual references & slides, and recommended reading and listening. Sometimes unit will also include previously recorded class discussions from previous cohorts of the offering.

Woven throughout the coursework are integration assignments that take the reception of the information from rote to experiential.

This includes things like:

  • Stream of consciousness journaling prompts for meeting your planetary placements 
  • Handwritten and drawing exercises for learning the shape of your own chart and for memorizing astrological glyphs
  • Regular transit tracking practice for establishing a habit of awareness around the ongoing movement of the planets
  • Application of the components of our chart exploration to your own natal chart, and especially in the sophomore level, to others’ charts and the astrology of the present time

Freshman Level Curriculum

  Week One / Unit One
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  Week Two / Unit Two
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  Week Three / Unit Three
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  Week Four / Unit Four
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  Week Five / Unit Five
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  Week Six / Unit Six
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  Week Seven / Unit Seven
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  Week Eight / Unit Eight
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  Week Nine / Unit Nine
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  Week Ten / Unit 10
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  Week Eleven / Unit Eleven
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a note from your instructor

this is my natal chart. this is a key. this is an unending, unconditional source of inspiration and affirmation. this is a loving companion that has not left my side since the moment we first met, seven years ago. this is a conversation between the part of me that witnesses my experience on this plane and the part of me that watches it from another, all-encompassing dimension. 

from the moment you meet yourself through the lens of astrology, you are changed. the depth, clarity, freedom, and agency with which you meet this wisdom, however, varies based on the extent to which you are able to translate the language for your self. without questioning the value of professional astrologers to regularly support you on your journey, i maintain that learning to dissect the poetry of your natal chart from the the vantage point that only you as the living expression of it can have is the most direct route to truly Knowing this language of consciousness. 

The creation of this course - in it’s fifth and final form - draws on my decade+ of experience in education and curriculum building and my seven years of astrological infusion. My intention is to help you see your natal chart with the awe and reverence with which I look at mine and to initiate you into a conversation with it that offers the clarity, insights, and acceptance that I regularly find in communion with my own.

I can’t wait to meet you meeting yourself!

About Kelsey

Kelsey is a translator for cosmic, relational, individual, and collective frequencies. She speaks, writes about, and teaches the languages of astrology and human design as frameworks for sacred pattern recognition and support in the process of deconditioning and coming home to self - which she considers to be an integral component of movement work.

Kelsey's pedagogical approach is influenced by her background in music education, eight years in the traditional classroom, personal and teaching practice in yoga, meditation, and energy work, as well as community and labor organizing.

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