About Kelsey

Kelsey is a translator for cosmic, relational, individual, and collective frequencies. She speaks, writes about, and teaches the languages of astrology and human design as frameworks for sacred pattern recognition and support in the process of deconditioning and coming home to self.

Kelsey's pedagogical approach is influenced by her background in music education, eight years in the traditional classroom, personal and teaching practice in yoga and meditation, and well as community and labor organizing.

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Hundreds of people have studied astrology and Human Design with Kelsey. Here is some of what they have to say:

"Having studied with a myriad of different teachers over the last 20 years, when I found Kelsey all the pieces of the puzzles that had occupied different parts of my mind came together seamlessly. Whether you are a visual learner (Kelsey's graphics are clear and concise and get right to the point) or an audio learner (she then breaks down each point and teaches from different aspects to ensure you can hear it from all angles) the subject matter is broken down to the simplest form and then built back up to it's totality. Kelsey also takes questions and doesn't give one word answers but thoroughly answers questions which is invaluable as you are learning."

"The whole 7 hours you presented, I was hearing, seeing, and witnessing truth. I can't explain how or why, but that's what it felt like. Even learning about centers and profiles that weren't mine was revelatory. Your unique understanding of human design is SO valuable, SO needed, SO transformative, and SO amazing. Your work is healing. It is unraveling our capitalistic conditioning and leading us towards individual discernment and sovereignty."

"Whether you are brand new to Astrology or have been studying for years, this course gives you the most solid foundation and then layers on in such a way that you can absorb the information without being overwhelmed by it. There is no doubt that you will finish the course and feel fluent in the language of astrology and confident in your knowledge."

"This course opened my eyes to the expansive world of astrology, as well as the inner workings of my self. In fact, it feels as though I have learned more about myself from this course than in 10 years of therapy! Kelsey's style of teaching allows for personal individual autonomy and has a no-pressure expectation in live-class participation. Meaning, we all could participate at our own pace, and if you didn't want to or had to miss a live session, there was no consequences/judgement passed. Her passion for astrology and teaching really shines through (even online) and made for a genuinely well thought-out course progression and engaging content. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone who is new to astrology or wants to dive deeper!"

"Kelsey is a holistic and detailed mentor. The course materials, presentation and homeworks are purposeful and extensive. Highly recommended for complete beginners and intermediate astrology students. I appreciate that as a teacher, she is deeply devoted to her students finding and trusting their own wisdom and voice in understanding astrological archetypes."

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